1970 Dino 246 GT

“L series – One of The First”

1 of only 355 ever made

PRICE $575,000

Super early production model. Absolutely Spectacular Condition. Lived her whole life in the high and dry air at 5000 ft. Absolutely rust and tarnish free.

Early and Rare “L Series” Dino 246 GT.


EXTERIOR: Rosso Chiaro (Ferrari Racing Red).


MILEAGE: 55,444 Kilometers (34,451 Miles).

VIN: 00572 MOTOR: 5326 GEARBOX: 240 BODY: 237.


CONDITION: Excellent to Concours.

Includes a Serial Number Matched, Signed and Dedicated Dino Compendium Book.


This 1970 Dino was manufactured in 1969 and delivered new to Italy on the 15th of January, 1970, one of the first Dinos of 1970.

Being an L-Series, it is an extremely rare car that begins the transition

from the 206 to the 246 Models. It carries many of the custom and

hand-made attributes of the Dino 206 but with more power and many

refinements and improvements.

The body carries a mix of Aluminum and steel panels with Aluminum doors, hood and engine cover that offer significant weight savings.

Being a Euro-spec version, this car has no EPA constrictions on the motor and no DOT mandates on the lighting and thus retains the pure PininFarina design aesthetic and the

full power and torque of the 195hp 2.4L V-6 engine without the reduced

power and torque output of the EPA smogged US market cars.

The tube frame and bumpers are also significantly lighter than the later

models, for an overall weight savings that translates into wonderful

handling and a fantastic power to weight ratio not matched in the later

or US version cars.

  • Many unique parts are included on this car that are not seem on later versions including:
  • Center-bolt Knock-off Wheels
  • Bulkhead Mounted Headrests
  • Chromed Rear-view Mirror
  • Tilt and Slide Seat Adjustments
  • Push-button Lockable Trunk Release
  • Adjustable Passenger Footrest
  • Passenger Grab Handle
  • Air-scoop located Door Locks
  • Full-length Simplified Dash Layout

Restoration on this car was carried out by an Authorized Ferrari Body Shop in the 2000’s and a major engine service was performed in 2018.

Additional services were carried out in 2019, 2020 and 2023.

A compression test was performed in May 2023 showing this engine to have book-spec compression with little to no variance between cylinders.

This car has lived in a dry semi desert environment its whole life and carries no rust or tarnish.

This car starts easily and runs perfectly, and the overall condition is Concours level.

Not many L-Series Dinos survive and if you want a truly rare and unique Dino, then this car is not to be passed up.